Experience Mavea's latest filter technology in a format designed to fit Brita® and Pur® systems.

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Give your Brita® or Pur® pitcvher an instant upgrade with the Mavea Universal Filter.

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Tested and Certified by the WQA against FSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of Chlorine Taste and Odor.

MAVEA Universal Fit Filter:

Universal Filter Cartridge

MAVEA has introduced a new line of advanced pour through pitcher filter systems and filters that have numerous advanced design features to make your filtered water experience significantly better. These are our Elemaris pitchers and MAVEA MAXTRA filters.

The same advanced features found in our new MAVEA MAXTRA filters have been incorporated into a traditional barrel shaped filter that has been expressly designed to fit Brita™ and Pur™ Water filter systems.

Advanced Features Include:

Pre-soak Icon

No pre-soaking required for filter activation.

The simpler and quicker it is to change your filter, the better. Competitive filters require pre soaking of up to twenty minutes. There is no pre-soaking necessary with MAVEA.

Micro Screen Icon

Micro screen reduces carbon particles released into the system.

You're probably used to seeing tiny black particles floating in your water - these are fragments from you filter's carbon element. Don't expect to see them when you upgrade with a MAVEA. This is due to the micro-screen we incorporate into all our filter designs.

Limescale Icon

Dramatically reduces limescale and other unwanted elements.

Approximately 85% of the households in North America have hard water, so we've tuned our filter to significantly reduce water hardness that can result in white, chalky lime-scale build up in appliances and cookware.

Silverize Icon

Silverized filter media inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Silverization helps support hygienic conditions within the filter and system. Many competitive filters do not use silver due to cost. All MAVEA cartridges are silverized, to inhibit the growth of bacteria and prolong the life of the filter.

Recycle Icon

Filter take back and recycle program.

MAVEA is the only company that supports it's filters with a comprehensive filter take back and recycle program. You can bring your used filters to recycling bins in stores or just mail them back to MAVEA. The component parts are broken down, cleaned, and re-used in non-food applications - nothing goes to the landfill.

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* This replacement filter has not been certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI or BSI Standards in any system not produced by MAVEA LLC.

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